Journal History

Alhamdulillah, with the establishment of the Physics Tadris study program at the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training (FTK) UIN Mataram as a forum for service and development of science in the field of Physics and Physics Education, it is expected to be able to become a source of information and publications, especially for lecturers, researchers, and teachers. Thus, the Tadris Physics study program FTK UIN Mataram provides opportunities for lecturers, researchers, and teachers to be able to publish their work through publication journals that Alhamdulillah has obtained p-ISSN (printed International Standard of Serial Number) and e-ISSN (electronic International Standard of Serial Number). Through the constant publication of journals, it is hoped that lecturers can work even more.

            KONSTAN is a name that we propose to be an identifier of the world of education, especially Physics. Constant retrieval of the name is based on the consideration that the word is often referred to in calculations – calculations of everyday Physics.

            KOSNTAN means fixed or no change. The remaining or absence of change, in this case, does not mean the absence of progress. However, it is always expected that we can still publish journals according to the planned time. That is, it can still be published 2 times a year in printed form and online. Thus, lecturers, researchers, and teachers are required to be continuously able to conduct research for the smooth publication of this journal.

            Hopefully, KONSTAN can become a journal that has excellent credibility.